TREE & SHRUB care PROGRAM | Monmouth County nj


  • Full Analysis of Trees & Shrubs
  • Year-Round Disease Control & Prevention
  • Year-Round Insect Control & Prevention
  • Plant Fertilizer with Micro-Nutrients
  • Dormant Horticultural Oil
  • Free Service Calls (In between regularly scheduled visits)

Tree Shrub Care Program Monmouth County NJ Green Lion Lawn
Tree & Shrub Care Program Monmouth County NJ - Green Lion Lawn

Just like taking in high amounts of Vitamin C to strengthen our immune system, disease treatments will do the same thing for your trees and shrubs. Disease on plants is generally noticeable when your foliage begins to turn brown and yellow. Some diseases can affect hidden areas of the plant such as the root structure. Not only will this make your plants unsightly, but it can severely decrease the chance of survival. Because there are so many ways tree & shrub diseases can spread (air, water, certain insects, wind), and not all diseases show symptoms right away, it is vital to apply several anti-disease treatments.

Not only can insects spread disease, they can also wreak havoc on the appearance of your trees & shrubs by eating the foliage. Left untreated, certain insects can wipe out entire shrubs in less than a month! Common signs of insect infestation are visual bite marks on the leaves, brown or dark spots in the center of the leaf, and single strand webs from leaf to leaf. Not to be confused with a common spider web, these single strand webs are used for transportation by spider mites. It´s basically a buffet line for these tiny pests.

Fertilizer applications will keep your shrubs healthy and make their color pop! The best times to apply this treatment is normally during the start of the season and the tail end of the season once the temperature starts to cool. Different shrubs require different amounts and types of fertilizers. Be sure to speak to one of our Green Lion techs about which fertilizers are right for your landscape.

Unlike macronutrients, micronutrients such as iron, zinc, cobalt, copper, and boron are absorbed from the soil and require much smaller amounts to be effective. They will keep your plants growing strong and help ensure that they are able to sustain the high heat that comes with New Jersey summers.

Protect your trees and shrubs during the winter! This application will protect your trees and shrubs from insects that stay on the plants during the winter. Green Lion will apply this oil to your trees and shrubs at the end of the season as the temperatures start to get a little cooler. This is a crucial step to support next season’s growth.