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Now that the hot weather is here to stay, poison ivy is sprouting up all over our area!

Did you know that only 11% of people are immune to the oils that cover poison ivy? For the rest of us, it can be anything from a single blister to an emergency room visit.

Normally spread by birds, this tiny little three leaf plant can often go unnoticed.

Poison ivy can be found in all areas of your yard including wood lines, in and around trees, foundations, lawns, gardens and so many other places!

This little three leaf plant can not only cause rashes, blisters and unbearable itching for weeks, but it can also suffocate your trees and shrubs!

It is extremely important to be informed on the dangers of this little plant. Simply pulling this vine out of the ground will NOT stop it from coming back due to the enzymes left behind in the soil. DO NOT, under any circumstance burn the poison ivy as this can cause severe breathing problems and even suffocation.

Our expert technicians can safely and effectively remove the poison ivy so you can enjoy your yard again without having to worry!

Don't wait till winter for the ivy to die out! The oils will actually stay active for up to two years on all surfaces. In one case, the oil from a poison ivy plant stayed active for over 10 years!

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