Green Lion Aeration opens the soil to let water, air and nutrients in, which promotes healthier roots. Stop letting other companies waste your money on fertilizer and chemical treatments that never reach the roots. Aeration helps prevent insects, weeds and lawn disease by removing excess thatch. Green Lion Aeration is the first step to a healthier, greener lawn.

Before aeration Monmouth County
Immediately Following aeration Monmouth County
8-10 weeks Following Seeding Monmouth County
aeration Monmouth County


Here at Green Lion we guarantee to seed your lawn with the strongest and most efficient brand of seeds pertaining to your grass variety. Seeding helps renew a worn out lawn losing its color and fullness.

Overseed helps to:
  • Fills in bare spots
  • Improves the density and color of turf
  • Helps establish grass variety


Green Lion Lawn Care specializes in repairing distressed and lackluster lawns that are losing the battle to heat stress, crabgrass, insects, bare spots, and many other common problems preventing you from having a lawn you are proud of. These problems can generally be corrected by an Aeration & Overseed. However, sometimes the lawn is damaged beyond the scope of repair from an Aeration & Overseed, requiring a Green Lion Lawn Repair.

**An example is a property with a large percentage of crabgrass infestation. (See image to right)

**Also, a property that's suffered from chinch bug / grub infestation damage. (See image to right)

If your property looks similar to either of those pictures, have no fear!

Green Lion Lawn Repair can totally transform your lawn in a single service at a remarkably affordable price!

We are currently running a Lawn Repair SUPER SPECIAL! This is the lowest price that Green Lion has ever offered to do Lawn Repair. The Fall Season is the only time of year, this service can be performed with 100% results, due to perfect weather temperatures for proper Grass Germination.

A Green Lion Lawn Repair may consist of:

  • Crabgrass / Weed Removal (Major weed removal to allow for new grass germination)
  • Seeding / Powerseeding (To fill in bare spots as well as thicken up established turf)
  • Fall Core Aeration (To Allow water, air, and nutrients into the lawn's root system as well as dethatching)
  • Balanced Starter Fertilizer (To quickly establish a strong and healthy root system for new grass germination)
  • Lime Application (Applied to balance the PH in your soil)
  • Irrigation Repairs / Irrigation Program Adjustments (For proper water cycles / coverage)

Aeration & Overseed
aeration Monmouth County

Crabgrass Infestation
aeration Monmouth County

Chinch Bug / Grub Infestation
aeration Monmouth County